Voltage Range for Alta

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Voltage Range for Alta

Postby imperial » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:00 pm

My application is confocal microscopy.

I would like to use an Alta to digitise one or more analog voltages, by providing H and V syncs.

I notice that the input voltage range for the Alta is 0.3 to 1.4 V. I assume this means than any voltages below 0.3 V will be recorded as a zero.

If I add a 0.3 V bias to my voltage signal, will this work? Or does the ac coupling mean that this bias will be undone on the board before the ADC so that I will still lose signals below 0.3 V.

Also, I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used an Alta for a similar application.

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Postby BFSupport » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:44 pm


In theory, adding a bias voltage to the signal could work. We would need more information about the entire signal to give a definite answer. You mentioned HSYNC and VSYNC, will the signal also have a back porch that effectively acts as a "zero" for the signal?

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